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Divine Perfection as Life Experience

Divine Perfection as Life Experience The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello and welcome to this wondrous moment. Yes! We invite you to pay attention to where you are today. To gaze at where you are as merely a place in time, space, dimension, and heart is a choice. We ask: Where are you today? Where do you choose to be today? How are you growing? How are you being?

Encompassed within time, space, multidimensionality, understanding, and awakened consciousness, you rediscover the divine perfection. These many words are offered to you now as an activator of the recognition that you are outside the window and on the outside of linear progression if you chose to be. Take in a breath and gently exhale as you invite yourself to notice how quickly and easily you are able to enter this space. Breathe again.

Within this moment, you are fluid and dancing within the ever-refining spiral. As you delight into the spiral portal of where you are now, it is the moment of divine recognition that only the heart ignites the doorway of your sacred, magnificent beingness. Through this relaxation into the divine you, breathe the spiral within your inner sanctum of the soul as you re-enter the portal within.