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Creation with Symbols

Creation with Symbols Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Within all symbols is held the energy of sacred geometry. It matters not whether the symbol is written and two dimensional or created in three dimensions. The true reality is that within all symbols, there is energy more than you can sense in your third-dimensional physicality.

The truth of symbols is that their energy extends into all dimensions. This is one of the reasons why symbols are so powerful.

You are drawn to create and to use symbols for many reasons that conform to your third-dimensional logic. However, you are attracted to symbols and use them for that which is more complex than you might have previously considered. Each time you use a symbol, you connect, in a manner, to other dimensions. As you do so, you pull the power, the energy, from those higher dimensions to you.

It is for this reason that your religions make extensive use of symbols. Had some of your religious leaders known this about the symbols they use, they might have restricted their use to only those of higher-ranking members of their religious group.