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The Creation of Human Reality

The Creation of Human Reality Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Humans have the ability to create, and the use of that ability is the creative process. A process is a series of components that flow together, one to the next. In the creative process, there is a universe of creative energy and an infinite number of ways this energy can move and forms it can take. We are not just speaking of the creative process in the sense of an artist’s process; we are speaking of the creative process in the sense of a human process of life exploration and experience. We might even say that the human creative process is the creation of human reality. It is certainly the active participation in the experience of reality, whether you know that consciously or not.

Imagination, Action, and Release

To further explore the notion of the creative process as the creation of reality in the human dimension, we will divide the process into three main components: imagination, action, and release. The first component is the imagination, or simply diving into the imaginal realm of exploration. In simple terms, you have to be able to imagine in order to create. Imagining is the experience in some part of your being where — with a thought, a feeling, or an idea, or really any combination of sensations — something seems to appear from a realm that usually is not known in the practical sense of knowing. You may have some elements of what arises as known to you, but the combination of the elements, the unique way in which they arise, will inform you of something that seems more unknown than known.