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The Coming Changes

The Coming Changes Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Now is a time for change and a time to remember. Everything is moving forward as it should. Change is all there has ever been, and humans tend to create drama over it instead of embracing the cycles that have been in motion forever. It is humanity’s deep-seated insecurities that create the resistance to change. It is the lack of faith until remembrance that allows humanity to believe that change is contrary to our growth. The energy of change is always love, although those in a state of blindness do not see it as such.

Tremendous waves of love energy are coming through more and more portals that are now opening. Many humans are now receiving and channeling this energy to effect change all around them. More and more humans will pick up on this energy, and it will help to push through the barriers of hate and unforgiveness.

The power of love energy will break down barriers that were thought to be impenetrable. All that has been built on hate and fear will melt away. Some will still choose contrast and drama to the end, but their numbers will rapidly decrease as love energy takes hold and becomes seated on the planet.