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Bringing Heaven to Earth

Bringing Heaven to Earth Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Heaven is all radiance and all vibration. The answer to each person’s problems and sense of unworthiness, guilt, shame, sadness, and lack of abundance exists in heaven and is waiting to come to Earth. The ego mind lives in separation from its good. It worries, blames, and resents. It is angry and revengeful. It is sad and lonely. It compares itself to others and is often jealous of the attention or good others have.

Know that it is your thoughts that hurt you, not the people you blame. You spend your precious life defending your limitations and errors. Become humble, honest, and vulnerable, and forgive yourself. This will lead to having an open heart. Your honor and self-respect will return to you. You have nothing to hide from others; therefore, there is no need for a wall of protection to hide behind. You can be authentic, real, honest, and truthful without shame or guilt. There will be no need to defend yourself. You will be the light of truth and the light of love. You will never feel worthy of love until you love yourself.

Do not judge your brothers’ and sisters’ behavior. Take responsibility for how you react to those you judge. If you judge another, you are judging yourself, for everything you think and feel is within you and takes form in the world outside of you. All conflict and discord is a reaction to what you view and hold in judgment in any situation or in any relationship.