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Break Through Personal and Occupational Barriers

Break Through Personal and Occupational Barriers Lynn Buess

The number 9 is heavily related to emotions, feelings, and liquids, especially water. The number 4 is related to fundamentals of structure, form, and the discipline of movement. Watch events related to shipping and trade among nations. Extreme weather cycles related to too much water plague many areas of the planet.

The foundation of Earth torques, twists, and moans as deep-rooted changes in structure reflect the transition toward a higher frequency of consciousness. This also means more earthquake and volcanic activity, some of which might hit populated areas.

New rules and regulations are coming soon that will revise the world economic philosophy of international trade and commerce. These changes can ultimately affect your banking procedures and accounts.

Decisions by Saudi Arabia and Turkey will have major political and economic impact far beyond the Middle East conflict. Look to the skies. Announcements from astronomers, physicists, religious leaders, and government representatives will soon lead to paradigm shifts in our way of looking at our relationship to and within the universe.