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Battling Flying Monkeys

Battling Flying Monkeys The Pleiadian Council through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you come to the middle of the month, it is obvious that you have been battling flying monkeys with a rubber band, such as in a scene from Frozen. Everyday has become an adventure. Just getting your chores and errands done can bring the most unexpected situations. You wake up at 4:00am and start praying for the day because you literally have no idea what is coming or how it will turn out.

In the old days of manifestation, you created from a point of knowing, but nowadays with the dimensional rift and multiple interferences, you cannot create in the graphics of the past. There are new rules and new schematics that you must master. Most of you are hardwired to the bone, nothing virtual about you. You are flesh and bone and very human.

Most of you hold a vast light that never wavers and were raised in the era of empaths. You feel so deeply that you cannot listen to the news or see another suffer or even watch abandoned puppy commercials. You feel every drop of life, and you often do what you can to not feel, to not ride another’s hurt too far into the heart.