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Ask Erik Elisa Medhus

Hi Elisa,

I have a question for Erik. Can he please explain what spontaneous human combustion is? What actually happens to the body when this occurs? Is it a spiritual thing, such as a burst of energy from the chakras, or just a weird physical or medical phenomenon? My son and I are interested to have this mystery unraveled, please! Thank you!

— Lisa and Jake

The soul’s energy is connected to the body’s energy in the hollow spaces in little structures in our cells called microtubules. When we die, the energy between the soul and the body builds up until it kind of sparks and separates. Some souls have a hard time disconnecting because there’s a stagnation of energy. Imagine jumper cables with one end connected to a powerful source of energy and the other not connected to anything. There’s no outlet for the energy. Eventually, the energy backs up into its original source. But the cells can’t hold on to that amount of energy so — poof! — the body combusts. Two types of people are prone to this: people who stifle who they are and live as a façade of themselves, and people who don’t process emotions but suppress them instead. It also happens to a lot of people who hold on to things in general. Hoarders are an example. What I’m saying is that it’s all about not being able to move and process different types of energy, emotional or otherwise.

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