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All Life Is Unconditionally Loved and Blessed

All Life Is Unconditionally Loved and Blessed Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My beloved colleagues of light and love, I am Gaia, and I embody a collective energy that includes every soul who has ever taken human and other physical form on Earth. Every breath you take resonates with this connection, dear ones. Every heartbeat declares to the universe that your life on Earth is a blessing. Is it not grand to know — to feel — that you are a blessing to this planet, indeed to all of creation?

So many of you carry the wound generated across many life streams of struggle and illusion that your lives do not matter. Many of you have turned to religions to give you a sense of identity that already resides within your cellular structure and within the many aspects that compose your emotional body. Many of you have been taught to see life from one specific, preferred religious identity and to think of that group as the only one that is truly aligned with the highest truth of Source. Yet that belief has encouraged separation and division from the rest of Earth’s inhabitants. This belief, although it is claimed as the love of God, is not a love that unifies and seeks universal connection.

Religions Have Lost Their Way

You see, it was not always so. The early roots of your religions taught that all life was sacred and that there was no division or hierarchy between the physical and the spiritual. Life was seen as a circle, a very ancient and sacred motif, in which all life was seen as cyclical, revisiting aspects of itself as it expanded and took on greater understanding of what it meant to act within the breath and heart of the Supreme Creator.