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Accept Broader Visions of Creation to Overcome Illusion

Accept Broader Visions of Creation to Overcome Illusion Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

April 2016 brings with it tremendous emotional confusion as the human kingdom seeks ways to nurture and support its soul heart. As more members of the human kingdom come to realize that what they were taught would bring happiness, love, and peace of mind is false, responses within the populace
will vary.

Those who bought deepest into these falsehoods will, as their eyes open, respond in reactionary ways, lashing out at those around them, blaming others, and expressing deep fear and anger. Prayers will assist them to quickly discover ways to step back from their projections long enough to discover what actions need to be taken to remedy the situation. This will reduce fear and anger energies on the planet as a whole and lessen the emotional confusion as the dust settles between what was promised and the outcomes that have manifested.

As the false beliefs, which were sold in myriad ways to a variety of cultures in the name of distraction and greed, become more apparent to the masses, the search begins in earnest to discover new experiences that will truly fulfill the soul’s spiritual desire. Beware of false teachers, prophets, and way-showers whose only goal is to profit by perpetuating the chase of a false dream or fantasy.