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“Peace to All Beings” Is a Prayer for Peace and Justice

“Peace to All Beings” Is a Prayer for Peace and Justice Aleph and the Guardians of Truth through Arthur Fanning

You are going to understand purposes here. You have this understanding of life, what life is. But you don’t know where it comes from or how it’s, I am going to say, evolved.

You consider evolution the continuation of species and things. But life itself evolved from a desire, we’ll say, an awakening, you would say. What you’re experiencing now is, literally, the fact that you are living your death. The awakening of that portion is coming to ones. So you’re going to choose life instead of death and the knowledge of how to do it.

Life Is Forever

Now, you have this thing called the gravity wave coming, or it’s understood. They have the awareness of the collision of two black holes. Well, it’s not quite that, but that’ll work. In that function, there’s a weight with it. Apples fall from trees. Gravity did it. But what let go of the apple to create the demonstration of gravity?