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Jesus: My Autobiography

Jesus: My Autobiography Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding

We wish to start at the beginning. We wish to start with my birth. My mother was informed in a dream that she would have me. She had a discussion in a very vivid and livey dream that told her she would become pregnant, that she would have a child who would bring light to the world, and that the spirit of this child would come into this unborn baby and would live its life out as her son. She was told in this dream that she would be responsible for providing the foundational environment in which this being would live. She was told to teach it the Jewish ways, but she was also told to be very gentle and kind with this baby. She was told to love it unconditionally, to love it with all her heart, for it would need her love, and it would have a challenging life at times because of its personality and its nature.

This being who came to her in a dream is what you call an archangel, a being from a higher realm who has responsibilities to Earth, who has chosen this, who is born into this job, so to speak. Archangels have assignments they are in charge of and beings they are in charge of. This archangel was in charge of my life, my transformation, and my education. I have spent much time with this being since passing over, so many years ago. Back in that day, this being was able to communicate with my mother in a dream. My mother told my father about the dream, and he pooh-poohed it a little bit, for he was in the male world of reason, judgment, and action.

My mother was an intuitive and kind woman who was open to these other realms, as most women are. This is why you see more women in spiritual transformation groups than you do in other meetings, for women are more open to the nonphysical. They are more receptive in nature; they are more fluid in nature. This is an important fact to bring to mind at this point — that my mother, not my father, was the one with whom communications could be made more easily.