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The Energy of the Future

The Energy of the Future Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This particular channeling will be filled with information, as it often is, but there is also something else that we offer. In this particular room, the energy that we wish to generate with the entourage around you is that of congratulations.

I want you to sit and bask in honor, and in these next moments, I would like you to try to disengage from the issues and the problems that you came with. As you sit there, if you have pain in your body — disengage. If you have pain in your heart — disengage. We understand fully that you are what you are corporeally, and you must go through what you go through, but you have the power to disengage from it for a while, for the next few moments.

No matter what the message is to follow or whatever is said, there is another energy that pervades the room. It sits and hovers over you, looks at you, remembers you, is thankful for you, and knows you. Even as we begin the information, we ask that the multiplicity of the messages going out be felt and understood and enjoyed to their fullest within these moments.