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Your RPM — Realizations per Moment

Your RPM — Realizations per Moment Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Realization — you all are going to have many definitions for it. Many of you are going to believe that it's a certain kind of understanding. We would define a realization as a recognition of whatever you would understand to be the truth. The truth of the moment, the truth of the process, the truth of who and what you really are.

Realization Brings Form and Consciousness Together

A realization is a whole-being experience, yet beyond experience also. Meaning it is felt, it is sensed, and it is known on a kind of intuitive level of knowing. It operates in a multidimensional way. A realization comes and then there is a shift in the sense of who and what you are. Your energy field shifts at the moment of the realization.

From our perspective, the form that you take as the vessel for your life is that which allows for a realization — which can take place at any given moment — to be a realization that has impact on and through and with your consciousness. In other words, if you see your consciousness as the energy of your life and your body as the vessel or container of that energy, then a realization is when these seemingly separate aspects of self come together, at least momentarily.