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Welcome to the New World: The Next Steps

Welcome to the New World: The Next Steps Elrah of Rhythmic Service and the Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. You know who I am because I talk this way; I am the only one who does. Welcome, everyone! I have been watching you the whole time. I just watch over the Keeper's [Editor's Note: the channel, Steve Rother] shoulder and every once in a while he re-members I am here. Then he comes over and checks with me and I give him some information. Actually, you know, the information comes in all of the time. But most of the time he just says, "We will do it later."

Your Safety

I am here today for many reasons, but first I want to talk for a moment about your own safety. Your safety — ah, you were not thinking about that, dear ones: "What can we do to be safe on the New Earth?" Well, you do not really have to worry about safety in the usual ways, because you cannot be hurt by the same things you thought you could be before. I want to share with you a little bit about overall safety, and sort of a different approach you might want to consider as you come forward.

What is taking place is that you are open on many new levels that you have never been before. Because of that, there is a little more vulnerability when you first open and during the time you are becoming accustomed to being open. It is not that you have to build all these walls or filters or anything like that. But what happens is the moment somebody truly opens up and walks through life that way, it also increases possibilities of your becoming dissuaded or distracted from your path.