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Unlocking the Codings of Light and Information within You

Unlocking the Codings of Light and Information within You The Pleiadians through Star Hinman

Channel's Note: This message from the Pleiadians is coded with certain phrases — such as "it is time" and "now is the time" — that are designed to "fire the codings" of memory and energy within you, within the DNA storage circuitry. We were coded with these things in the higher dimensions, before our entrance into the Earth plane reality, in order to make it possible for us to be awakened by the beings of light once we were immersed in the density of this dimension.

We are the Pleiadians, and we have come with much love to speak with you in this moment of such challenge for each of you on this Earth! We wish to bring you a gift that may, we hope, open your eyes further to all that is now coming upon you and standing between you and the full realization of everything that is now happening on this Earth and everything that is possible for the unfoldment of all of these budding abilities within each of you. We come to stimulate the memory of all that has gone before and all that is yet to be.

Time for the Memories to Return

You all stand at the beginning of a path on Earth that you are not familiar with, because, indeed, you have never done this before. You have never experienced such a great change, such a great shift — for any planet in this galaxy or any other. Indeed, it has never occurred exactly like this before. And that is why we have come — to bring you enlightenment on this point so that you may know your purpose as the code carriers now on Earth, from the stars and points beyond.