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A Time for Powerful Dreams and Renewal from Within

A Time for Powerful Dreams and Renewal from Within Master Hilarion through Linda Edge

I am Master Hilarion, and I greet you warmly and deeply. It is time now for the ice to be melting — not only around the globe as winter yields to spring, but the ice you have allowed in your hearts. Humanity's disappointment is apparent now — especially in those who have long wondered how the new era would begin.

Allow Your Disappointed Hearts to Soften with Renewed Hope

There is disappointment that times have not yet proven to be soft and warm. There is disappointment that the economy has not yet taken a turn for the better, that systems have not crashed completely enough to begin the rebuilding, that health dilemmas continue, and that family discord has not yet righted itself.

More obvious forward motion will soon come, however. Just as the winter's cold yields to the fresh scent of spring, you must allow your hearts to thaw, to soften with renewed hope and the fragrance of joy. For as you well know, the change you truly seek begins from within, and disappointment will only delay your personal process.