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The Power of Prayer, Meditation, and Reciprocity

The Power of Prayer, Meditation, and Reciprocity Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Hello! This is Isis. Whenever people go into prayer and meditation, they spiritually enter a realm devoid of darkness of any kind. They enter a sacred place where all things are possible, all things are circumscribed and clean — clear of any overt human emotionalism, clear in the sense of pure beingness — and they are brought to this place of sheer brilliance and light because they have entered into the inner sanctity of All That Is. The very purpose of prayer and meditation is to lift oneself into a pure realm of feeling that everything is possible in this moment — the very is-ness of being.

I believe that it is extremely fortuitous and, indeed, entirely possible to do this on a daily basis, not only to give prayer and thanks often, but also to have an exchange and not only of information, but of the quality of density into lightness whereby beings enter into higher vibrational levels in which they can interact and grow.

Being with Spirit every day will help you, especially over time, and as you repeat this often, it will benefit you on many levels. As you continue, you will find it easier and easier to improve your mind, heal your emotions, and amend your life as you wish to. You will find it easier to continue moving forward, onward, and upward toward your spiritual goals in this life.