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The Path Ahead: A Future Open for New Ways of Creativity

The Path Ahead: A Future Open for New Ways of Creativity Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In motion we find balance. In movement we know stability. Persons seeking peace must take proper action.

We approach you with these concepts that, at first, you may find simple. Although the universe is ultimately made of such simple thoughts and energies, all things act on all other things, especially within the realm of gravity. The actions of one thing affect others in close proximity. Each action creates new and increasingly complex reactions. We are at the most intricate moment in the stream of time in eons.

There Is No Stillness on Earth

All things move in curving ways. If you examine the motion of all mass, you will find that a spiral is the best description of the basic structure of universal movement. You will note that, even within things growing upon the earth, the spiral appears in a continuous specific ratio. You may, at times, believe that something is a straight line. We tell you now that the concept of the straight line is an illusion in most cases. It is a useful tool in measurement, but few things travel straight. To do so would be to exceed the power of universal gravity. Anything that defied this core principle of the physical universe would bring a catastrophic effect to the space-time continuum.