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The Ongoing Battle against Negativity

The Ongoing Battle against Negativity Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again to speak about the practicality of what you like to refer to as spiritual living and what I call magic. This is your friend Merlin, and I am most pleased to speak with you on the topic of ... are you ready for this? It is a most familiar occurrence, my dears. I am speaking with you on the topic of negative interpretations and negative self-talk. You know, those things you try very hard to change or clear out of your daily thinking.

First of all, I'd like to be very clear that all this negative attitude is not a crime. In fact, if you were to be deeply honest with yourself, you would discover that you are familiar with this manner of thinking or feeling each and every day, perhaps many times per day. And much to your credit, some are aware of the feeling, of the actual words in attitudes, and some make the decision to change in the moment.

And that's the trick, isn't it? "In the moment." To divorce your conscious participation in the moment, you believe, will surely make everything right. Hmm ... well, let's talk about that and much more. I would like to assist you to have what you might call a different take on all of this and, more so, to be freed from those old ways. Ready? Here we go!