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Living Consciously in Enlightenment

Living Consciously in Enlightenment A Cosmic Hierarchy (Lord Michael, Shekinah, Metatron, and Master Saint Germain) through Malika

Many of us have some degree of a dark streak from times past when perhaps we made a wrong decision in responding to a situation or experience, lost faith, and chose to turn away from God, or our divine Source. These unresolved experiences fester continuously until we heal them. They can be easily healed with a little bit of knowledge.

First, though, it's imperative that we realize that God is love and light and always wants the best for us. Our lives, if aligned with divine will, always manifest the highest experiences. We can choose to learn from all of our experiences using wisdom, conscience, free will, free choice, love, and light. We spiritually contracted to have most, if not all, of our experiences and have a divine purpose. The healing is in realizing this divine purpose, instead of shoving the experience under the carpet or assuming God doesn't love us and becoming bitter.

Realizing We Are God's Love Manifested in Physicality

Two big areas are relationships and death. All relationships can flourish with wisdom, devotion to God, and accountability. All relationships can be healed. Truth is the mantra, and love is the sword. Faith, truth, and wisdom heal everything.