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Know That You Are Totally Loved and Endless

Know That You Are Totally Loved and Endless Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings, dear ones, to be with you in these times is such a pleasure. I am here to assure you there are no mistakes and all lessons do bear fruit. The secret is how you harvest the fruit. Is it bitter or sweet? Wait for its full ripeness, dear ones, and the pleasure will be all yours. Knowing this, you need have no anxiety.

Oh, how wise you are becoming as you cycle through the moment of forever. Progress and expansion has always been God's format. Accept it, use it, and come along on the endless cycle of being. We do not mean that you should preach. We suggest you live as an example of this truth. Knowing that you are totally loved and endless, why do you hesitate? No need to walk over others. Just by your being, you are the leader and the light. You are the spark that glows in the dark and lights the way for all souls — when you so choose. This has always been the format and the intention!

Look around again and again, focusing on the bright spots. They are not blips on the screen — they are live, loving souls needing to show off. We know you are getting the message, dear ones, and we are delighted too. This endless energy of love and understanding grows and spreads more rapidly every day. Any attempt to stop it will fail. Accept that the negative spots on your planet will become more isolated, day by day. Believe this and give all your energy to this intention, knowing that you did have influence. Over and over again, we remind you of this.

We are so grateful to be able to connect with you in this format — just as others do the same. We hope and trust you are being overwhelmed by too much love, faith, understanding, and acceptance of the presence of God in every soul — you included! In this modern age of rapid transmissions of energy, wisdom, and love, it is such an opportunity that God knows what it is doing. With great love and admiration, we come to you again. So be it!