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Initiation: Learning to Listen to Your Internal Voice

Initiation: Learning to Listen to Your Internal Voice Joan of Arc through Janet Lynn Roseman

Channel's Note: I have been fortunate to work with the profound healing energies of Joan of Arc for several years. Joan is the consummate representation of courage, integrity, and faith – faith in the unknown, especially. Although she led a very short life, her accomplishments are extraordinary not only for a young French peasant girl but for any human being.

She came into my life during a particularly turbulent time in my life, a time when I experienced significant loss and the only soothing balm that I found was immersion in the writing of books on death and dying and the spiritual principles contained therein. One of those projects was a book on Joan of Arc, and I can't really decipher if I found her or she found me; I prefer to believe the latter.

During that time, while frequenting my favorite secondhand store in south Florida, I asked for a signal, a sign, a presence that would help my healing journey and my work that was part of that journey. While I was looking through a small corner in the shop, I unearthed in the cracks and crevices a picture that was hidden beneath some fabric. When I removed the fabric, I uncovered a very old painting of Joan of Arc, and I know that she had been waiting for me.