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Indian Manifesto

Indian Manifesto Seven Arrows

Excerpt from the book True Son

When one starts reading the many different tribal legends about the beginning of life on Earth from Indian perspectives, each has its pertinent value for each tribe. Each legend has to have a creative power to energize it, so while there are many legends about the beginning, there is only one Creator and one creation. The Creator is the great mystery of Great Spirit. Life is a great mystery for each of us until Spirit reveals itself within us as the light and love that it is — not like light from the Sun, but an inner light that illuminates all of creation, and not like the common love we have for each other, but a dynamic inner love that radiates from the heart that binds all things together as one. Spirit has created us as spiritual beings of light and love forever like itself.

The light of Spirit is the intelligence of God, and the power and light of Spirit combined form the love of Spirit, so Spirit love is also the power and light of Spirit. It is all one, even though our senses tend to tell us that everything is separate from everything else. There is no separation when we speak of Spirit; likewise, there is no separation in our Creator's creation. It's this one Spirit that formed our ancestors' way of life. They lived in nature with nature, honored it and respected all life. Our revered way of life has been lost, but we can regain it and know once again the beautiful inner life of Spirit.

Our True Identity Is Spirit

To know and live consciously in Spirit, we have to reclaim our identity as Spirit. We may think we are something other than Great Spirit, but this is only our own way of believing ourselves to be something other than Great Spirit. Subsequently, when we believe falsely, we live without the nourishment of the harmonious inner life, and life feels harsh in many ways and on many levels because of our low vibration of thought. We are minus the light by which to see clearly, and we are minus the love that makes all life beautiful.