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Honoring Union: A Holy Grail Message

Honoring Union: A Holy Grail Message Mary Magdalene through Judith K. Moore

I speak now as the immortal Magdala. I call to you from the heart and the source of the union of the Christ Yahweh. I lived upon this Earth as you do, knowing sorrow and joy, inspiration, and the affliction of the times when my heart became so heavy that I felt I had nowhere to go and no one who would receive me. At those moments of utter despair, I turned and faced my beloved, and he embraced me through time and space because I knew he truly shared soul essence with me, as our union was a source of pure ecstasy and love beyond the limits of human experience.

Making Way for Humanity to Experience Love without Limits

To know the joy of the embrace brings us closest to the Source of our own union with the pure light of creation. I speak to you now because this is not something that can be denied you. It is not something you can lose. You were born of love, and there shall you be throughout eternity. I speak to you of the pure ecstasy I experienced when I first as a woman looked into his eyes as a man and fell deeply into the blue, blue light of his soul. Our eyes met and embraced. We had known the joy of our companionship as children, and then it took years of preparation and separation to prepare me for womanhood so that I would meet him again as a woman and him as a man.

Did we embody the one living God in those days? Most certainly, because through this union that was perfect and divine, we made way for humanity to experience love without limits as true children of God. You are capable of living and loving without harming each other, and this is grace. I stand here as your witness now. I see your hearts cry out for such a love and your minds casting shadows of doubt. Is this an illusion, this Godly love between humans that injures not but lifts each one up as adored and beloved? I say to you now, beloved ones: Adorn yourselves as I did as a bride and he as a bridegroom, and prepare to meet your God-self through this union.