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Healing with Your Angels

Healing with Your Angels Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Good evening. Tonight we are talking about the angels in our lives — the unseen forces of light, those energies most of you cannot see. This room is filled with levels three through eight angels from around the worlds — the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension — because they heard we were talking about angels today. They are little particles of light, not the human form with wings depicted in your paintings. They appear that way to you only because that is what you want to see.

The Nine Levels of Angels

Angels exist on nine levels:

  • Seraphim (level nine Creator angels)
  • Cherubim (level eight harmony angels)
  • Thrones (level seven angels of justice and will)
  • Dominions (level six angels of intuition and wisdom)
  • Virtues (level five angels of love, movement, and choice)
  • Powers (level four angels of space and form)
  • Principalities (level three angels of time and personality)
  • Archangels (level two angels of fire)
  • Angels (level one messenger and nature angels)

As a rule, seraphim will spend no length of time with you unless they come to you with a message from the Creator. If you do get such a message, you can believe it will rock your world, but seraphim are too powerful to stick around. Levels three through eight angels, those I will speak about today, have the most human contact and are active in your world.