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Embrace the Divine Feminine

Embrace the Divine Feminine Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

Let's talk about feelings and emotions today. It is time. Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and many of you all over the world celebrated this day of love and appreciation. We, your gatekeepers and guides, observed this and how you responded. But did you notice that it seemed and felt a bit different? Did you feel less stressed about this holiday than before? Or did you feel indifferent and confused about your inner state and perceptions?

Emotions Are Intensifying

Emotions are running strong these days with the shift that has taken place. Many of you do not understand the intensity of what you feel or why you are feeling what you do. Many of you who have been awakened for many cycles are feeling a different sense of energetic happiness and joy. You feel an intensity deep inside that is different from anything you have felt before. You may feel a mixture of deep-seated emotions ranging from exhilaration and joy to melancholy. Yet you feel a sense of calm and peace even with the intensity of these emotions.

You have entertained a bit of uneasiness and have, almost simultaneously, felt relief. You have stepped into the unknown on decisions because they just felt right, even though you may consider yourself to be a very decisive person. You feel calm about the direction of life and whatever situation you find yourself in, even though it looks a bit chaotic. It is difficult for you to articulate, but those who hear or read this will say, "Ah yes, I have been feeling this way and have not been able to identify what is happening."