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Creating Yourself Anew

Creating Yourself Anew All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

You are your whole self and the center of self all at once and forever. Your personality has two portions: the ego and the total being. To maneuver effectively toward a higher level of vibration, you must remember how to move the mental portion of your wonderful self to the back of the fourfold being. This means your spiritual self must take the lead or be at the front. Then the spirit within will be able to suggest and bring the other three portions of your being — mental, emotional, and physical — to the understanding and remembrance of your perfect state of being at all times. Now, this may seem like a radical notion; however, you are in reality perfect at all times. We know well that you have been taught to think that you are not perfect, but we tell you that you are. Now, through prayer and meditation, you will be able to obtain a clearer picture of your perfect self.

Once you begin to work on obtaining this remembrance, you can start to train your mental being to accept this fact, thus projecting your being into its full state of greatness. You will then be able to create success in all areas of your life — academic aspects, nonacademic aspects, and all your relationships. Through mediation you will be able to dislodge any negative self-image. All thoughts of being "a loser" and like untruths will dissipate as smoke in the wind. And of course, this is our wish and desire for all of you.

Release the Untruths

Start a simple verbal exercise. Twice a day is most effective. Please go to a mirror in your house, look at yourself, and repeat the following statements five times each:

  1. I am wonderful.
  2. I am deserving of the best.
  3. I am to have the best.
  4. I am light and love.
  5. I am capable of great things.
  6. I am one with God and the universe.
  7. I am magnificent.

If you make a routine of this, within a two-week period you will begin to notice a difference in your outlook on yourself. Confidence will begin to spring forth in your being, and others around you will notice the change in the way that you walk and the way that you talk. Now, this may seem too simple to the mental portion of your being; however, all spiritual matters are really quite simple. We designed it that way.