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Being the Pioneer of Your Life

Being the Pioneer of Your Life Rhonda Smith

April 2013 (28/10/13): You now begin three months of harvesting the seeds you have planted. The law of justice is the key this month. Success will come if you accept the responsibility of leadership in your own life, not anyone else's. It's about keeping the balance within so you can use your own initiative and original approach to plant more seeds for a new harvest based on your intuitive wisdom. Use discernment in selecting what you are shown in your life to see if it still fits with whom you've become. This is a new beginning for even more of what we all can be. The goal is to be the pioneer and organizer of your life as part of all life.

April 1 to April 6, 2013 (18/9)

You begin this month with a week of experiences in unfolding the "me" to "we" and becoming the transcendent human. This involves lessons in understanding that "we" contains "me" and that you have to be all of "me" in order to make the "we" the glorious being it is. You are asked to take the lead and accept the responsibility for your choices in moving forward because "me" is "we." This sounds weird; however, the quantum field of this consciousness is created by each individual consciousness. If you believe you're not part of the whole, thank your physical ego and tell it to take a rest from "more than" and "less than" because we've learned the separation game.

Stay centered within and your leadership abilities, humanitarian interests, and healing abilities will manifest in every thought and action and influence you and others. This is how you influence the community and lives you touch. Also, stay aware of new insights and visions coming to you, raise them to the level of the universal good of all humanity, and use them for new projects ahead. The goal is to march arm in arm up the mountain of truth.