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True Healing

True Healing Archangel Michael and the Brotherhood of Light through Athene Raefiel

When we open ourselves to the healer inside, we realize that we need to come to terms with our life experiences—all of our life experiences, past, present, and future. This coming to terms is no small feat. It takes time, commitment, and energy. To begin with, the dedication to self-healing and enlightenment must become paramount. A certain realization that you have missed a big part of your life or that you have been wearing some kind of blinders aids you in moving forward with this new journey.

Overcoming life’s challenges is often a quest that leads us to want to overcome our inner confusion and doubt. Once we have searched for and discovered all that we can in the outside world, it is time to go inward. Realizations can only be brought forth by people who understand their true desire to find themselves. Everyone is not destined to become totally aware of their spiritual essence in this particular lifetime. This particular path of understanding requires great sacrifice and trust. If you cannot trust in yourself, then how can you trust in the universe or its mysteries?

Since life is a complex unit of puzzles, let’s begin by saying we must learn to discover one puzzle piece at a time. By doing so, we eventually have all the puzzle pieces needed to create one dimension or level of awareness and understanding. This awesome experience helps us to prepare for the next part of our journey so we can continue to the next tier or level of expression and understanding. In other words, once you learn something, you must share and teach it to others. In doing so, you free yourself to move into the next level of learning. This is the operation that is set up within the soul, through and with our complete agreement, that aids us in remembering how to experience ourselves as spirit. Being the avid students of metaphysics that we are, we of course know that we are all spirit having a human experience. Without the realization and actualization of your own spirit self in your incarnated body, this knowingness seems a bit hollow and empty.