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Seperation from Oneness

Good evening, dear ones. How wonderful to be here with you and to see the beauty of your spirit, of the soul essences here. Are you aware that during this time of great change, this time of great energies coming into the planet, you are reconnecting with more of your soul essence? It is true. That is what ascension is about: reconnecting with more of your soul essence. I’d like to go to the beginning of the story and talk about the soul’s development and change, beginning with creation. I’ll use a metaphor or allegory, if you will. You know this in many different ways.

When there was the oneness—which is still present in its wholeness—there were parts of the oneness that wanted to experience separation. That may seem like a strange thing, but those soul energies wanted to experience something different and the oneness also wanted to experience something different. So as each one of you as you expressed yourselves differently, you were giving the oneness the opportunity to experience differentiation. You split off eons ago and have had many, many different experiences in life.

You split off in groups. Some of you split off with your twin flames. Some even split off with triple flames. You decided you would be together in a soul adventure and journey for eternity. You didn’t know the concept of time, but you said, “Let’s do this always. We will always be together in some way, and we’ll play different roles with each other.” The roles you played didn’t always have you incarnating at the same time, but you were always with each other—sometimes in another dimension, sometimes as a guide. You were there together.