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The Roots of Our Own Truth

The Roots of Our Own Truth Michelle Karén

Mercury turns direct on April 4 at 23º51’ Pisces. This degree is represented by the Sabian symbol depicting “a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, where people are seen living in close interaction.” As we approach the end of the Mayan calendar (12–21–12), past, present, and future are melting into each other and speeding everything up. This is why we can find our thoughts and prayers manifesting immediately. The more we enter timeless/ sacred time as we go to the unconscious roots of our being, we find that we are closer and closer to others. A feeling of oneness emerges that helps us see others as not separate from us, but one with us. Our thoughts are no longer logical but intuitive. Psychic occurrences could start happening on a daily basis, creating miracles in our lives.

Mars turns direct on April 14 at 3º40’ Virgo. This degree is represented by the following Sabian symbol: “black and white children playing together happily.” There is no longer a sense of inner or outer separation. Motivated by all the parts of our being, our actions serve to reunify us and make us more whole and therefore holier.

Saturn continues being retrograde this whole month between 27º17’ and 25º06’ Libra until June 25. These degrees are represented in the Sabian symbols as follows: “an eagle and a large white dove changing into each other,” “an airplane sailing high in the clear sky,” and “a man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting him.” The vision of our truth is expanding, allowing us to reconnect with the divinity within ourselves. The more we truly embrace the understanding that we are divine beings having a human experience, the more masterful we become. No longer victims of our reality, we realize how we can transform the circumstances we find challenging into a whole new dimension of incarnation.