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Planetary Visitors: Are They Visitors or Are They Living Among Us?

Planetary Visitors: Are They Visitors or Are They Living Among Us? Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today we will be speaking about planetary visitors, fourthdimensional beings. Generally, fourth-dimensional beings cannot physically exist in your third-dimensional atmosphere, so they visit in their lightbodies. Nevertheless, they are involved in your everyday life because they know that a shift in consciousness is underway. They have been living with you for a long time and are now shining their light a bit brighter. Don’t bother looking for them. You will not find them; they know how to be invisible. They often whisper to you in your sleep state, encouraging you to stay on your journey for this great shift. Some are very similar to your physical form and could walk among you unnoticed. Humans like to call these energies extraterrestrial, but the energies themselves like to be referred to as “terrestrial.” After all, some have been here for a long time and are as much a part of life here as you are. They are extra, all right, but extraordinary is more appropriate than extraterrestrial. I want to keep this opening statement short so that I can get to your questions.

Terrestrial Beings and Energies

You mentioned some time ago that when these beings first arrived here, their memories were totally wiped out. You also said that the energies of Earth had changed so that these beings, though not fully awakened, are starting to question who they are. When did that energetic change occur?

An influx of light started the shift big-time in the early sixties, when “flower power” was the movement and hippies were trying to change the world. That marked the awakening. The largest number of terrestrials arrived then, and they were young energies in comparison to what they are now. They walked into bodies on the Earth plane. Most people freak out when I say they walked into bodies. They think, “Oh God, am I a walkin?” If you do not know that you are a walk-in, you probably are not a walk-in. If you sense that something may have changed in you some years back, you probably are a walk-in. Several types of walk-ins exist, those who walk in to an already existing body and those who are born into a body. The full-fledged walk-in is born into the body with a local brain and a heavily veiled omnibrain to allow the local brain to take prominence. To function, the full-fledged walk-in energy must have memories of this Earth plane, and that means relying on the local brain.