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Miracles Occur!

Miracles Occur! Archangel Metatron through Lois Noonan

To be with you in these times is such a bonus. Part of my role is to share with every soul that chooses to listen—and let me tell you, the numbers are increasing rapidly. As more and more souls awaken, we welcome them. This is part of our mission, and it is not an imposition for us. You too will eventually progress to such a position. If you so choose to ascend, you will be fully prepared to step into the higher vibrations. When you are ready, you too will be able to step into a higher vibration—another level of being!

We are so excited to be able to communicate with you on this level. Let us assure you that we have known your soul since its inception. At this moment, you are capable of increasing your vibrations, if you choose to take that major leap. We are with you; you can do it! This choice is based on what you desire, what you accept as truth, and where you choose to go. Do not panic! As long as you are on the grid of some kind of conscious connection with God, your understanding and your ability to choose wisely will become greater and greater. Pretend you are an explorer who has discovered other terrains and other expressions of God’s creations. These are exciting times! You are able to talk with the angels; ask questions and wait for answers. Answers are not always immediate. They may come today, tomorrow, next week, or next year, but meanwhile, you will be evolving.

Are you curious? Are you willing to manage the “you” and “time”? It will not make you, so to speak, but it will bring you love and understanding very quickly. Here is some concrete advice: Satisfy your curiosity and at the same time, follow your dreams. Does this information connect with you? Is it something you would like to incorporate into your inner files? Can you visualize attracting and sharing some suggestions? Is a God or Source energy field realistic to you? Who supports you? Number one! You must be comfortable with yourself. Set aside anything that agitates you and come back to it later with an open mind. There is only one thing you have to accept: love. And having accepted it, we hope that you will share it.