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Love Is Not Overrated

Love Is Not Overrated Gary Brachmann

When we read our New Age/post-New Age articles every month, it seems almost every one of them has a section about love. Some of these articles are channeled, so these same messages of love are known by both those in the body and those not. There have been so many things written about love, so many songs sung about it, for what seems like forever, but love cannot be overrated because it is the highest energy.

In review of my life, the best times I’ve had have been those when I felt love. When I feel love, it makes my soul sing, it opens my heart, and I feel incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to feel the fantastic energy of love. How wonderful does it feel when we are in love? How amazing is it to have those to love and have them love us in return— even our pets?

Stay in the Highest Energy

What can we do to help ourselves make the transition into the 2012 higher energies? A good place to start could be realizing the highest energy is love. Love is the Creator energy, the energy of all creation. No matter what happens in 2012 and beyond, there is one thing that will make this an easier transition: staying in your heart and feeling love. How do we stay in the highest energy of love?