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Looking Beyond the Illusion of Identity

Looking Beyond the Illusion of Identity Divine Mother and Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

I am your Divine Mother and I flow forth within this speaking not only to embrace you with love but to also speak truth so that you might be relieved of your concerns for the upcoming times.

While there are many who will speak of grave events and the tumbling of earthly formings, who would speak of the ending of living as you know it to be, and who would attempt to instill fear within your heart, I am your Divine Mother and I say these words to you: There is nothing to fear, my children. I have not breathed you forth only to have the life that you have journeyed within ended by grave catastrophes. Nor have your efforts in opening and expanding your own understanding of truth been in vain. And though you may have many questions or wonderings, hear these words, for they are spoken to your hungry heart.

Your Journey to Earth

Long ago you journeyed to earth. You have heard those words many times, yet do you recognize what they are saying? You have known of this journey long before you entered this lifetime. You—all who receive these words—have known of this moment, of the upcoming moments, and of the turning of the patterns and encodings that hold the structure of life as you know it. And even before you decided to enter this journey of great change, you knew—you knew that this time within which you currently reside would be one of fulfillment, of the crumbling of untruths, and of the embracing of that which is called one heart.