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Finding Justice, Wisdom, Harmony, and Peace

Finding Justice, Wisdom, Harmony, and Peace Rhonda Smith

April 2012 (27/9) is the first of three months of harvesting the seeds you have planted. This vibration enhances your sense of justice and wisdom and gives you the ability to maintain harmony and peace. You have compassion for all, and you have the opportunity to assist in lifting everything and everyone to the highest level as you meet your desire to bring better laws into the world. You have a creative mind and a love of beauty, and with those two tools you can create an original approach for the solution to any problem. This month gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into physical form. Your goal for this month is to remain in balance and beauty while you are guided by your intuition to bring everything into balance within universal love and brotherhood.

April 1 to April 7, 2012 (19/10/1)

This week you will experience the destiny force of God’s plan in action underlying everything. This is a karmic vibration, which means the events must be recognized, accepted, and dealt with without justification, evasion, or rationalization. It requires you to rise to the occasion with originality and independence so that in the process you can give in to who you truly are. You begin this week with another vibration that represents both the seed and the harvest and brings you a great ability to crystallize your desires, use your imagination, and blend justice into everything you create. So stay connected to who you are, and you will insure that your creation reflects you.

You move to a day of master energies as the master messenger brings you insights and revelations about emphasizing spiritual aspects in all you experience, so listen to the small voice and follow it. This is followed by a day of underlying energies of the master builder when your surface experiences are those of celebration, so use these master energies of foundation building to build a foundation on which you will create joy in your future. Then you move to an emphasis of the energies of the year, so allow yourself to understand that the real you is not regulated by fear and finds that this existence is one of adventure and change.