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Creating in Unity Consciousness from Creational Nodes

Creating in Unity Consciousness from Creational Nodes Thoth through Laura Pieratt

We are aligned in peace. Our brothers and sisters of the light join here now in shared intent. They are peaceful, passionate, and enthusiastic about creating peace within and peace without, peace in all phases of expression. There are many joined together in this purpose, this common intent, and it is this joining that makes it possible to create such beauty, perfection and light. There is wholeness instead of the fractured experience many are having as we lead up to this time of greater unification.

All are welcomed, each valued for his or her contribution. There is no contribution too small and no one is overlooked. Like grains of sand, no matter how small, the many create the whole, each one contributing to the mass, which becomes a collective structure we can then call firmament. Where one grain of sand would not suffice, there is great promise in collection with the many and potential for the functionality of the whole.

Focus on the Possibility of Unity to Make It a Greater Probability

You choose to be part of a group to lend your energy to the whole. You choose to align in common intent, and in this choice, you create a powerful force for manifesting what is intended. Streams of light weave into the space, bringing energy to join and uplift this intent even more. Crisscrossing weaves of light lay a foundation, giving strength, flexibility, endurance, and stability to the ideas held in the hearts of so many.