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A Challenge to Face Up to the Truth

A Challenge to Face Up to the Truth Donna Taylor

What is real and what is illusion? This is the question we might find ourselves contemplating during April as a tangled web begins to weave itself in the heavens. Neptune, Mars, and Venus form a tense alignment that will, in some people’s lives, manifest as a need for greater honesty and openness. This is a classic configuration for deception and relationship dilemmas. It can also incline us toward laziness, both in our motivation and in our ability to see things clearly. We might have a tendency under this configuration to overlook things that would normally alert our suspicions. We may be too naive, gullible, or caught up in a romantic haze to want to see the wood for the trees.

A captivating illusion or a bout of escapism can be very alluring at this time, but there will be a price to pay for allowing ourselves to wander into Shelob’s lair. Somewhere along the line we will have to face up to reality and deal with the nitty gritty. So this configuration will challenge us to face up to the truth in some area of our lives. It may be something that we had been overlooking for quite a while, such as our partner’s tendency to overspend, a family member’s drinking problem, or our own personal addictions and modes of escape. There is an opportunity arising now for us to break our patterns and to not just relate more openly and honestly but to also be more aware of our own motivations. When we have awareness about our own selves, we become more conscious and then a shift can take place.

Be Aware and Get Creative

A higher expression of the Neptune-Mars-Venus energy, aside from becoming more aware of our own motivations, would be to absorb ourselves in healing, spiritual, or artistic activities. This is a great combination for giving selflessly to others, for showing compassion and tolerance in the midst of people’s problems. For creative individuals, the energies will be inspired and refined, so it’s a great time for painting, taking photographs, making music, creating a collage, or writing a story. Romantic vibes will be in the air, but this needs to be tempered with a dose of reality; otherwise it could be too easy to get caught up in fantasies and illusions. If you are in a solid relationship, a romantic gesture could be very well received, so long as it’s done with a pure intent.