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The Blue Starborn and the Time of Harmony

The Blue Starborn and the Time of Harmony Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

The Mayan elders have asked that we share the messages of the Blue Starborn with all who would enjoy it. These cosmic beings are again present and have much to say. The Blue Starborn are the cosmic brethren of the ancient ones of this planet and many other planets that support the experience of form. In biblical times they incarnated in form as the Essene, and they refer to their energy as Ess-See-Nah. They have long been silent, yet they are often remembered through their vast teaching that spans the globe and is hidden in glyphs, ancient texts, and art forms.

They have been spoken of through the long-standing traditions of the Maya, the Hopi, the Dogon and other indigenous tribes for centuries. We are honored to offer their words to you.

The Blue Starborn Speak

The Starborn abode is calling out to those who seek peace. It can be challenging to connect with peace in a world of masters seeking to create anything less than peace, yet you can discover and empower your peace by reaching up, gazing up, and keeping your energy uplifted. Now is the time to gaze toward the evermoving area you call the North Pole and begin to see the gift of the beautiful blue crystalline city that is there, an abode of great Starborn energies.