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Ask the Angels: Words of the Angels

Ask the Angels: Words of the Angels the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

“We are the holy angels of God. We will now give you the most powerful words to be given to any mortal. The words are sacred and waiting to be given to the world.” When these words come into your mind, you know they aren’t of your own origin!

An extraordinary wonder happened to me. I was awakened one night by an intense, brilliant blue-white light coming into the room. Through the window, I saw a transparent figure of a lady floating down a stream of light. As she passed through the window, she appeared to become a solid, flesh-andblood person standing in front of me. She spoke in the softest voice, telling me not to be afraid. I was gasping and trying to speak or scream, but no sound came out. She touched my forehead with two fingers of her right hand and told me I was chosen to write the words of the angels.

Years went by before the messages flowed freely. These thoughts were clearly distinguishable from my own, as if between a whisper and a thought. Often I would think of a question and it would be answered for me, accompanied by feelings of tremendous love. What began as an interference became an honor. I didn’t really understand why I should be given these messages— only that I was part of something significant and spiritual.