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The Art of Light Transference

The Art of Light Transference Simion through Amariah Mara

Our collective consciousness communicates by means of light transference. We share sparks of light with one another, with a larger collective soul, and with various aspects of creation, such as you. All of our connections are based on the transference of source sparks, or bits of consciousness in the form of energy rays or bursts of light. We travel and communicate over the lines of light to which we are all connected on an atomic level. Thoughts then move over the lines as sparks of intent to particular targets. We are communicating with the channel in this way for this writing. There is a thread of light that connects us, and we share sparks of consciousness from our collective to the soul of the channel. This connection exists in multiple dimensions— outside and inside of time and space as you perceive them.

You Exist in a Web of Light

When you are able to see all your transactions with yourself, others, and everything in your environment as an exchange of energy, you will be on your way to navigating and creating interdimensionally. Once your soul is able to see its interconnection to its surroundings—now and through time and space—then movement through the threads of light will be second nature. Presently, you may think this is far from your sphere of knowing, but you are closer than you realize and need to be prepared for relating in this way.

We have already explained that by nature, the universe is superconductive and that by shedding your baggage or the barriers to your inner light, you are more able to play in this field of conductivity. This world of light is what you are and exist within already. You must merely open your awareness to it within yourself and then around you. As you do this, you are becoming a member of the greater universe that surrounds you but was previously unseen. This is what your transition is all about. It is you becoming a being in further awareness of its ability to contribute to the waves of light transference that invigorate worlds. As you do so, your creation experience becomes richer and, in turn, so does all that touches you, which includes all that exists in this universe and beyond.