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Your Resonance Has Lifted

Your Resonance Has Lifted Sarrinn and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, lightworkers! Are you enjoying your freshman year experiences? Our channeling last month focused largely on the new levels of resonance being experienced by humanity and the new opportunities and growth happening universally as a result of this frequency change. We equated the process many of you are experiencing with the energies of freshman year in high school, and we would like to continue with that concept this month. As we do this, we ask you to consider if you have learned to recognize and to adapt to your new level of vibration. Have you taken time to contemplate how this new stage of your spiritual experience is working in your life?

Part of freshman year is always the beginning of the semester's matriculation process, that first week or so of school during which you learn the rules and the layout of your strange and new campus. Think of this unique moment in earth's ascension as a similar energy, and you will find your way less filled with obstacles and more filled with the assistance always available from the older students and teachers who have volunteered to support the newbies.