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What Is Our Greater Potential?

What Is Our Greater Potential? Golden Arrow through Alexandra McColm Ward

Well, greetings to you, greetings to you indeed. Truly it is a pleasure to be here and communicate with you and far more importantly to commune with you and to interact with you in this way. Truly a delightful experience for us. You see, it gives us the opportunity to check in with you, to take a look at how this journey that you call earth is going for you.

We invite you to meet with us on your energetic field, the vibrational field you inhabit that surrounds this physical expression that you call a body. We invite you, this personality that you call yourself, and the source being, the soul energy that you are, to sit with us to look at your life from our perspective. We invite you to look at your existence here, your journey, from a little different perspective, stepping out of the mundane, stepping out of the daily routine, sitting here with us, and viewing your life as if you were in a different dimension, a different locale. You have the ability to step outside yourself as if you were this vessel, this bucket holding water, and come above it—or below it, it does not matter. We only have words to describe this. But you release yourself and allow yourself to view yourself from the perspective of your God-self, your source energy, your soul.