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Wealth, Self-Esteem, and Creation

Wealth, Self-Esteem, and Creation Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I Kuthumi greet you in the love and light of the Creator God. As you read my words, many of you will be preparing for Easter celebrations. I consider this an opportune time to speak on the subject of your wealth, for I hope that over this period of holidays you will find time to ponder my words.

As you may expect, wealth is tied to many things in your society. Though humanity is moving away from this conceptual, visual materiality, there are still many who give it too much energy. By this I mean they will almost fall at the feet [chuckles] of one who they consider to have a very fat bank account. I notice that they will laugh at silly jokes and be quite patronizing at times. And what of the "wealthy" people? Usually they come to expect a certain degree of attention due to their money. In many parts of your society money represents power, does it not?