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The Stabilized Passageway To the Eden Version of Earth Is Ready

The Stabilized Passageway To the Eden Version of Earth Is Ready Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Now, it's very important for everybody to focus not so much on the ending of the way of struggle and strife on this planet but rather to focus, meditate, envision—whatever you do; whatever works for you—on the benevolent version of earth that is coming closer. That benevolent version of earth will essentially provide you all with little hints of its existence over the next three to four months. Sometimes you will look up in the sky and say, "Oh, what's that?" it will seem almost like an overlaid image. At other times, you will see that kind of overlaid image that is there and then gone—just for a split second when you are looking at something else.

This will usually not happen when you're doing something important, such as driving a car or operating machinery or something like that, unless you are pulled over and parked or unless you're taking a coffee break from that machine— that kind of thing—because it's not meant to distract you from life's important ventures. But it is meant to remind you that the world upon which you are now living—the time sequence you are living in, the dimension that you occupy—is shifting, and as a result, the time of struggle and strife is drawing to a close.