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Shaping the Future By Creating Love

Shaping the Future By Creating Love Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. These opening words indicate a cohesive universe, one where the true nature of life is evident only when you regard all aspects of existence. The scope of such a statement is a profound force for increased awareness. As a member of the family human, you are gifted with a higher ability to sense the world around you and to manifest the life you desire. As a spiritual being having a physical experience, you are gifted with the innate ability to affect the future of the universe, both in the realm of physical life and also in the higher vibrational realm of spirit, or "below" and "above." Above all other creatures, the individual human—the undivided one—can create a world that nurtures the qualities of spirituality. Where does such an ability come from?

A central point of creation exists. All things physical and spiritual stem from this one point where source chose to begin. The location is not necessary to know. It is necessary to know where you are located. The original source of all energy has spread out into particles, and you are an aspect of this energy. No matter what form your energy takes, it is always an aspect of source. From one energy center came countless others. These reconfigure with amazing frequency and delightful variety.