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Magnetosphere Whiplash

Magnetosphere Whiplash The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. We have much to tell you this day.

We wish to share with you some ideas and concepts of your own world, of your own past, and of what is taking place through all of humanity at this time. Those of you who have chosen to lead the way vibrationally may use this to open the doors, to be there as the teachers and healers, and to help others into the next levels. We wish to share with you today an extension of a message we gave several months back.1 there have been numerous triggered events that took place this past year, and these will continue well into 2011. We count our years a little bit differently than humans because we count a year from 10-10-10 to 11-11-11, but that is just the way we see energy flowing on earth.