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Look for God within Yourself and in Others

Look for God within Yourself and in Others The Akashic Records through Reverend Michelle Coutant

Dear ones, you will assist yourselves greatly in your quest to bring harmony and balance into your relationships when you see each interaction with another as an opportunity to learn. You will be greatly assisted if you stand back and see each one in your life as a master teacher. It matters not if it is a close love relationship, a family relationship, or a passing relationship with someone you meet in your daily lives. It could be a relationship with someone you work with. Each relationship is an opportunity to learn spiritual lessons. Each opportunity will present you with growth and wisdom if you are willing to see your relationships from this aspect.

Your relationships are your greatest opportunity for growth. You will be tested through the lessons presented to you each day. The people, places, and situations you draw to you are the exact people, experiences, and situations needed for you to learn lessons and gain wisdom. You may simply use the term master teacher as you see each person that you interact with throughout the day. This will be a very simple trigger and a reminder that this person has something to say to you and something to teach you, even if it is a very short encounter. There is always something to be learned in every situation.