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How to "See" What You Want into Manifestation

How to "See" What You Want into Manifestation The Beloved through Kenton David Bell

Welcome to our experience of each other here in this space that we are creating through our intent to share and your intention to receive. We are grateful for this interaction. "Grateful" is the word that you would use to most closely describe the vibrational feeling that we are experiencing on this side, you see, for there is a feeling, an experience, on this side as we interact with you on your side of the veil. We are the Beloved and, dear ones, so are you.

We are coming through a little bit differently and allowing the channel to adjust to the frequencies that are coming through at this time, for there is a widening of our bandwidth this time, you might say. We are entering into a new phase, a new expression, a greater expression of our interaction with you as we come through.